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Behind the Scenes at ‘Soft Serve’

Here’s a look behind the scenes at a toddlers’ photoshoot for the Ackerman’s Club Baby supplement.  They’re all so well-behaved!

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Shot on location at Soft Serve

Film Africa Shoot ‘Labyrinth’

Take a peak at these wicked-cool images we’ve managed to lay our hands on from the Film Africa shoot at One World for feature film, Labyrinth

On Set with Brut, Velocity Films and Top Billing

Behind the scenes images of Brut campaign

Here’s what Top Billing had to say about the Brut commercial shoot at Blonde Shell:

Having Kerry McGregor, Sinazo Yolwa and Candice Boucher together in one commercial you would know it had to be for something pretty special. We were intrigued as to what it was that attracted them all and so went behind the scenes of the new Brut ‘Essence of Man’ ad to findout what all the fuss was about.

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Behind the Scenes with Sissy Boy Jeans

Here’s a sneak peak at what Sissy Boy were up to at 008 recently (this location won the HOTY Award in 2009):

Open white staircase to roof terraceRimflow pool looking out over Camps Bay




And now for something completely different

1942 Boeing Stearman

This marks the first addition of an aeroplane to our location database, and for very good reason!  This 1942 Boeing Stearman has featured in both the movie ‘Amelia‘ and a number of commercials – it’s a stunning addition to our product offering which already includes air hangars and landing strips!  Mile High can be viewed directly on our site.

Watch ‘the making of’ the Super Bock beer commercial as well as the end result below:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image










Fashion Files: Women’s Health shoot at Paradiso

These fantastic shots were taken by Jacques Weyers at Paradiso for Women’s Health Magazine:

Risky Business at Mwanzoleo

Not for the faint-hearted, these images were shot for the (in)famous and risque Suit Supply campaign at very private and exclusive location Mwanzoleo.

Suit Supply ReflectionSuit Supply StairwaySuit Supply Bubble ChairSuit Supply SeatedSuit Supply Shameless Kitchen CounterSuit Supply Shameless LoungeSuit Supply Skirt

Here are some stunning images of the location itself:

Mwanzoleo InteriorMwanzoleo Deck and Infinity PoolMwanzoleo White Couches and OceanMwanzoleo PatioMwanzoleo Deck and seating areaMwanzoleo Seating area, infinity pool and oceanMwanzoleo Infinity pool chairsmwanzoleo at night


We Love Sissy Boy Jeans

Have a look at some snaps we’ve collected from two of the Sissy Boy Campaigns this year.  The first was a summer campaign at Breathless in St. James

Sissy Boy action shot - BreathlessSissy Boy Breathless Infinity Pool to OceanSissy Boy Tiny Short

The second shoot took place later in the year at 15 on Orange and has a completely different feel:

Sissy Boy at 15 on OrangeSissy Boy Gold Chair 15 on OrangeSissy Boy Stairs

And here’s the commercial:

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Hot, no?

Daily News from The Callsheet: An Overview of the Commercial Service Season

On Set With AFS Productions

As the arrival of Cannes Lions marks the end of peak commercials service season in Africa, we approached several local facilitation companies to get their views on the 2010-2011 season.

As Always, the different companies had varying experiences.

Executive producer Sean Beukes from The Asylum told us they have had great season. “Across both the service and director divisions we have had a good run. For service, we produced two OMO spots for Turkey, Actimel for Belgium and Nokia for the States,” says Sean. “On the local front, we débuted newbie director, Nicholai Fischer with the I Am American Swiss television and stills campaign in partnership with The Jupiter Drawing Room.”

Brin Kushner from AFS says it was a difficult season for them as their US clients have been put off by the stronger Rand. He believes we are losing out to South America.

“We are definitely not as cost competitive as we should be.  So much work has been lost to countries like Argentina, Chile, and Brazil that could easily have been shot here,” says Brin. “Unfortunately, high hotel rates, airfares, and talent rates are still playing a major role in us losing work. Crew and gear houses have already come to the party but we need the rest of the industry to follow
as well.”

AFS still did some exciting work this season; Brin says casting 90 Asian line dancers for a GE (General Electric) advert was an interesting challenge.

Beccy Kellond at Moonlighting reports a mixed season: they had a slow start but  were very busy in January, February and March, working with clients from the USA, UK, Germany, Sweden and a client
from Italy.

Beccy says, “The very fact that our key client territories keep coming back to shoot here is proof that South Africa can still offer huge production value alongside all the other natural benefits of location, climate, etc, etc. We’re shooting now – an American project that is 100% in studio. At the end of the day, South Africa is unrivalled in its scope of what we can achieve and at a highly competitive price – not only within South Africa but as the gateway to the rest of the
African continent.”

Moonlighting dealt with more projects that required them to shoot images for multiple platforms. Beccy added: “So any project might require us to shoot both moving and stills images for TV, print, internet, and digital media
distribution, etc,”

Cinergy producer David Elton found the season slightly down, saying jobs were lost to South America.

David believes the biggest trend was the switch to HD. Cinergy had three jobs shot with a Canon 5D Mk II and one on an Arri Alexa.

David says: “It seems a turning point has been reached, except where film still reigns supreme, for example for beauty, food, and car commercials.”

Asked  whether South Africa remains a competitive destination price wise, he added: “No doubt, with tighter budgets, many service producers will leave out of their budget items that will anyway be demanded and these become additional costs. But initially they will seem to be a ‘bargain’ in order to secure the job. Once again, artiste fees and buyouts are a major problem when competing against South American countries. On the other hand, location fees in Cape Town seem suddenly more negotiable, no doubt due to the current downturn in adspend.”

Although the effects of the global recession are still present and companies are allocating more of their budgets to digital, the local industry continues to grow and attract shoots from around the world.

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Benguela Cove hosts Diddy’s Vodka Commercial

On-set with Ciroc at Apollo
In-action, Ciroc commercial at Apollo

Cape Town – more accurately Benguela Cove – proved exclusive and ‘premium’ enough to host the latest Ciroc commercial.  We were a little confused to hear that P. Diddy himself was keen on one of our locations and assumed it would be for a music video or similar.

What we subsequently learned is that the marketing and branding of Ciroc, the ‘Ultra Premium’ Vodka brand, is managed by Sean Combs (now known musically as Diddy Dirty Money).  Interesting!

And we were honoured to host the brilliant crew who ended up at trendsetting location ‘Apollo‘ to shoot the latest commercial.  These images were taken last week on set:

Ciroc at Apollo

On set of the Ciroc commercial at Apollo