Monthly Archive for May, 2011

An Amazing Challenge

We are a few months away from a crazy race we’ve committed to taking part in, in order to further support a cause we pledged ourselves to at the end of last year.

The crazy race: 226km route around Cape Town, broken down into 3.8km open-water swim, 180km cycle and 42km run (A.K.A. Challenge Cape Town which takes place in November)

The Swimmer: Julia Finnis-Bedford (Founder & MD of Amazing Spaces)

The Cyclist: Simon Raubenheimer (Avid cyclist, for whom this should be a doddle, and Portfolio Manager at Allan Gray)

The Runner: Dale Bedford (That’s me)

The Aim: To finish, of course, within the allotted time.  But mainly to get each kilometer of the race sponsored at R100/km.

Why?  If we can raise R26,400 (slightly more than R100/km) our charity will be able to school 4 children for a year (at R550 per child per month for schooling, materials and meals).

To start pledging early, drop us an email.  We’ll keep you updated here on our training progress as well as how close we’re getting to our target.  Happy Friday, I’ll see you next week!

New Provencal Space: Chocolat

Walkers Crinkle Cringe

YouTube Preview Image

Yeah, so we love Elle McPherson and we were having a great laugh at this, but seriously can’t watch it more than once!

Filmed in Cape Town on Noordhoek Beach and at Amazing Space: The Abbey

Cape Town Stadium

These Cape Town Stadium images always take my breath away.

After the success of the 2010 FIFA World Cup matches, the stadium has hosted a number of big names.  Most recently U2 on their latest World Tour as well as Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds who are currently filming ‘Safe House‘ in Cape Town (release date Feb 2012).

Film Industry Wrap Party at The Westin Grand

One of my personal favourites in our location database, because it photographs so beautifully, The Westin Grand was host to The Callsheet‘s April Wrap Party.  They did an absolutely brilliant job with the catering especially, not only was there plenty of delicious food, but it was beautifully presented and served.

Definitely a consideration for your next cocktail function, corporate event or meeting!

Location Feature: Larger than life

One of our most popular locations, Fully 42 gives the impression of wandering into a house after swallowing some of Alice’s shrinking potion.  After entering through the tremendous front door you find yourself in open-plan common areas of triple volume proportion.  It’s no wonder we’ve had teams shooting a number of different scenes in the same location, it’s also fantastically versatile and has accommodated anything from Chinese restaurant sets to laundromats.

I also absolutely love this interior courtyard, the gorgeous neutral tones and the stunning pool deck.  The decor has been carefully selected and the garden and pool deck boast views of Kirstenbosch gardens.  This is sure to remain one of our hottest locations for some time yet.

Love To Be Me

We’ve recently taken on a bit of a challenge in order to support an organisation that has touched our hearts.  I’ll talk more about our involvement in said challenge at a later stage, but for today I wanted to introduce the LOVE TO BE ME concept and the phenomenal human being behind it.

When I first met Nadia Lubowski, I was blown away by her passion for a cause she simply eats, sleeps and breathes.  I didn’t know anything about her background at that stage, but it finally got to the point where I had to ‘google’ her and I discovered the story of her father (Anton Lubowski) and her family’s selfless commitment and contributions to our wonderful country.

Without going into too much detail, Nadia has been pursuing her dream of rolling out the LOVE TO BE ME concept and building schools in underprivileged communities for years.  She firmly believes that positive change starts with education and education is impossible without support and nurturing in a stable home environment.

“LOVE TO BE ME is an educational concept that exists inside a dialogue. A dialogue between the child, the interests that the child has, the child’s own learning abilities, style of learning, the teachers, the parents and the community. The concept focuses on the child within a space of love, joy, and learning. The intention is to have an active child that engages and participates in the school environment because he or she loves to learn. All foundations for learning to read, write and count will be laid during this time. Most importantly what will be grounded is a love that the child will have for him or herself and in particular their own ability to learn and discover. It is vitally important that the learner is always considered in this planning and the ultimate outcome is that the learner feels empowered and improves in his or her development. The teacher/facilitator is the core cause of this process and always needs to be present to that.”

We are really excited about being involved with this project and see it as an ongoing commitment to an idea that will continue to grow and expand over the next few years.  As part of our involvement, we will be participating in said challenge in November and will aim to raise at least R26,400 in sponsorship from friends, suppliers and clients.  This money will directly pay for the education of four individual children for an entire year through the A.L. Educational Trust and the LOVE TO BE ME curriculum.  This is broken down as R550 per month for one child’s schooling, meals and materials.

We’re looking forward to making a difference to a community in a hands-on manner and to raising awareness about social responsibility.  Let us know what you’re doing for your community, we’d love to hear about it.

Report back: UPdate Expo 2011

From left: Maro, Joerg, Kate, Gavin Levy, Julia, Dale, Denise Levy

Much fun and plenty of champagne was had at this year’s UPdate Expo in Frankfurt.  The expo was held at the Palais im Zoo, Frankfurt am Main for the second year running and formed part of the ADC Festival.  Julia and I were lucky enough to be supported by Maro who came from Amazing Spaces Croatia and Kate from Amazing Spaces Mallorca.  Also there were Joerg from Sunshine Company (Cape Town), Gavin and Denise Levy of Cape Town Productions and Julie van Damme and Nicole Klassen of EuroConnection.

Julie van Damme and Nicole Klassen representing EuroConnection

Denise Levy of Cape Town Productions

The Baxter Gets a Facelift

You almost can’t believe it’s the same place, but The Baxter theatre in Rondebosch has recently undergone a transformation.    It has been given a “new look” by The Forum Company and provides an awesome space to hang out, wine and dine before a show.

Now available for conferencing, corporate dinners, cocktail functions and, of course, as a photo and film shoot location – it’s super-stylish and trendy.  They’ve also revamped the catering side and offer meals, snacks and beverages to compete with the most in-vogue spots.

See more images or visit The Baxter directly for information on the latest shows.